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December Feature Friday

December Feature Friday

Cable television is a staple for many families in the US, and in the business world that makes advertising on these channels a must. ICAN, Inc. assists areas like Brandon, Brookings and other areas with smaller service providers get their advertising on the locally used cable networks. 

    Deb Nichols, Sales Manager for the Brandon area and beyond, sets a high value on geographically targeted cable advertising. She highlighted ICAN’s mission to “Help local businesses succeed with the benefit of effective, affordable advertising on top cable networks,” and the company’s ability to bring specific, local messaging to things like Monday Night Football. 

    Cable advertising can be out of reach to many small businesses, which is why ICAN insists on eliminating geographic waste and focuses advertising resources on the local communities. Working in Brandon, Nichols has learned that the business’ approach of “local companies, local communities, local customers” is particularly apt. Having joined the Chamber of Commerce to network and learn more about local businesses, the ICAN team discovered over and over how close-knit the business community is here. 

    Andy Pepper, CEO and Owner of ICAN, Inc. suggested the Chamber’s $5 Challenge is cyclical in nature: “If ICAN garnered an extra $5 per week from each family in Brandon, it would mean we are helping more businesses in Brandon succeed in doing the same. It would mean more families in Brandon are doing business locally creating a stronger community and market. The more our customers succeed, the more [ICAN] succeeds.” 

As we exceeded the $5 Challenge goal of three million dollars spent locally, the Chamber hopes to promote this circular spending Pepper mentions, and encourage businesses to keep their money local. While residents are the target demographic for the $5 Challenge, we encourage companies to follow ICAN’s example of targeting and focusing resources locally for advertising and business needs.

Consider using ICAN’s services this spring to get more local customers interested in your products and services!
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