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Feature Friday July: Kingbird Coffee

Feature Friday July: Kingbird Coffee

This month, I had the pleasure of working with Billy Cutrer, Owner and Manager of the new Kingbird Coffee in Brandon. Due to covid-19 concerns, we opted for a quick photo session and a simple Q&A. See Billy’s responses and the photos below! 

Q: What is your business’ mission for Brandon?
We love Brandon, and we want as many people to stay in Brandon to shop locally as possible. If we can help that by providing amazing coffee and treats, then why not!?

Q: What does Kingbird Coffee bring to Brandon that no one else does?
Quality coffee, drinks and pastries at an affordable price. You can get real coffee without having to go to Sioux Falls.

Q: What have you gained from working in a place like Brandon?
Amazing friendships and relationships! We love Brandon, our kids go to school here, we have opened 2 different businesses here, we love this community.

Q: What are your future plans/programs (in Brandon)?
To expand our food menu, and to provide healthier lunch options for the working people of Brandon.

Q: In 3 sentences or less, tell us one thing you love about your job and why.
I love to work with coffee, and I love watching the reaction of the people who appreciate good coffee when they get that first taste of something I’ve made.

Q: What could $5 extra a week from each family in Brandon do to help your business?
We could continue to employ Brandon residents. It would also help us grow and become a hot spot for quick lunch, drinks, or just a hang out with your friends on a sunny afternoon.

Q: Why did you join the Chamber? What has been the biggest benefit to you? 
We joined the chamber to be a part of the community, and to be involved in other businesses and help the Brandon community grow.

Click the link to see the photos!

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