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Reason #1 to SHOP SMALL this season

Shop Small Saturday

    AKA Small Business Saturday

This season, the Chamber wants to remind you of the benefits of shopping at your locally owned Small Businesses! This is part 1 of a 5 part series on why you should Shop Small this season.

Reason #1: Money you spend locally supports local kids. When you buy your groceries, gifts and experiences from local business owners, they have more money to support your children’s activities. From your favorite school team to theatre productions to youth groups, local business sponsors are the ones who help pay for development and growth. Need to sell goodies to raise money for your organization? Your in town retailers are happy to give you space to do it. Need financial sponsors for your child’s athletic team tournament? Your local restaurants are happy to kick in some funds. Remember, the more you financially support local businesses, the more money they have to help you fund your activities.

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