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Reason #3 to SHOP SMALL this season

Shop Small Saturday

    AKA Small Business Saturday

This season, the Chamber wants to remind you of the benefits of shopping at your locally owned Small Businesses! This is part 3 of a 5 part series on why you should Shop Small this season.

#3: Funding small businesses leads to more jobs. There’s been lots of research, and lots of debate, about whether small businesses really impact the job market over time. We’re here to tell you: They do. The research basically boils down to this: start ups, aka new small businesses, are responsible for over 50% of job growth in the US. However, they only have this positive impact as long as they survive as a business for over 5 years. Where do you come in? Well, it’s your local spending at these new businesses that helps them get the funds they need to grow and survive. The biggest challenges for new small businesses revolve around funding more than anything else, and if you shop with them you help them solve those issues.

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