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Midwest Railcar Repair

Midwest Railcar Repair



About Us

From the beginning in 1954, Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. has grown into a regional repair leader. Our capabilities allow you to shop a car for cleaning, qualification, interior lining, exterior paint, mechanical repair, inspection and testing. We can arrange to have your damaged cars trucked to our facility. This additional service saves you time and money by getting your cars back on track faster. For your convenience our inspection department can travel to damaged car locations to answer questions.

Where I come from, an honest day's work is worth an honest day's pay. A person's word is priceless, and a firm handshake speaks volumes about an individual's character.

As owner of Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. in Corson, SD, I rely on those ideals every day. The folks around me understand the value of hard work. They know what it means to keep a promise, and a handshake is like a binding promise.

This philosophy is at the heart of the success of Midwest Railcar Repair, Inc. We've spent almost a half century servicing the railroad industry - repairing, maintaining and upgrading railcars - keeping an entire industry on track. Keeping you on track.

-Greg Carmon, Owner


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